Library Cards

Library Cards

Anyone residing in the Oregon Public Library District of first grade age or older is entitled to his or

her own library card. A juvenile application form must be filled out and signed in person by a parent

or legal guardian who assumes responsibility for materials checked out by a child. After age 18, a

patron should fill out an adult card and will be considered responsible for the materials they check


Resident Cards:

Are valid for a period of three years and can be renewed once expired. Proof of identification and

residence must be shown in order to acquire or renew a card. If the card is lost or destroyed before

the expiration date, a fee of $1.00 is charged for the replacement card.

Non-Resident Cards:

Require a copy of the tax bill showing Oregon Public Library District taxes included. A non-resident

taxpayer card expires in one year and may be renewed when showing a new tax statement.

Non-resident Cards are available at $120.00 per year.