Monthly Archives: April 2016

Friends of the Library Program on Camp Grant

Friends of the Library will be hosting a program on Camp Grant on Monday, April 25th @ 7pm at Stronghold Castle. The presentation will cover the camp and its history, from home to the Illinois National Guard to POW camp during WWII. Call the library for more information. We look forward to seeing you Monday night!

Art of Oregon Book

The Art of Oregon – Influence of the Eagle’s Nest Art Colony and Rediscovered Collection They Left Behind Research for the is book in local archives and from around the country confirmed a much deeper, interrelated history than appeared on the surface. The book grew into a broader 180 page survey of art and its influence in this community. Now we believe it has documented the uniqueness of Oregon that has been overlooked and undervalued. This book has been totally a volunteer effort to support and conserve the Eagle’s Nest Art Gallery of the Oregon Public Library and perpetuate Lorado Taft’s goal of “art to the community”. Donations are necessary because publishing an art history book like The Art of Oregon is very costly. Our goal is to make this book affordable to the widest audience possible at the price of $40 per book. Publishing cost of a single volume is nearly double this price. Please contribute to this historic project for the Oregon Community. For more information, please contact the Oregon Public Library.